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THREAD ROLLS (helical type)

threadrolls1.jpg (28672 bytes)If you're looking for good quality thread rolls at the lowest prices and quickest deliveries in the industry, coupled with a friendly helpful staff, then you need to look no further. At Thread Rolls USA Inc., we pride ourselves in delivering all the best to our clients, and are constantly striving to meet your needs. We offer the following products and services for our clients:

- For over 25 years we have been designing and manufacturing precision thread rolls for all known attachments, holders, and heads, serving the screw machine industry worldwide. This technical experience has allowed us to provide our customers with the best possible precision tools available.

- Extensive INVENTORY, ready for immediate shipment.

- BUY DIRECT and SAVE for THE LOWEST PRICES in the industry.

- 3 DAY EXPRESS DELIVERY is available, making it THE FASTEST DELIVERY IN THE INDUSTRY for your hot jobs. And for your not so hot jobs, our standard delivery of 5-7 working days is the fastest in the industry.

- Friendly HELP SERVICES for your challenging problems.


  1. thread size
  2. right or left hand thread on piece part
  3. pitch diameter being rolled
  4. holder (attachment) being used
  5. style of thread rolls (e.g. TC1, TC2, etc.)(TK2 or TQ2 if taper pipe rolls) View THREAD ROLLS STYLES
  6. working face or length of thread
  7. stock/shoulder diameter
  8. chamfer (45, 30, 60 degree or other)
  9. if ordering bump rolls, specify hole diameter and overall width
  10. if ordering pipe rolls, specify NPT, NPTF, PTF, NPSM, etc.
  11. material being rolled
  12. special markings, if applicable
  13. quantity

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