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taps.jpg (65536 bytes)Precision ground from the finest grade of HSS for trouble free performance and longer tool life. The following standard and special taps are available for both english and metric: ~hand taps ~extension taps ~nut taps ~spiral flute taps (slow and hy-spiral) ~pipe taps ~combination drill and tap taps ~cold forming or thread rolling taps ~solid carbide taps ~carbide brazed taps ~coolant feeding taps ~spiral point taps ~special design taps ~acme taps.

Numerous surface treatments are available, depending on the material being tapped, to further extend the life of the tap: nitride, titanium nitride, titanium carbo-nitride, black oxide, chrome, steam oxide, and others.


  1. thread size and right or left hand thread on piece part
  2. class of fit, P.D. limits or H limit
  3. chamfer required (plug, bottoming, taper, other)
  4. number of flutes
  5. material to be tapped
  6. any special features and/or dimensions (tang drive, pilot, special shank diameter, coolant passage, spiral point, spiral flutes, etc.) (for acme taps, specify tapping depths, hole diameter before tapping)
  7. quantity

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