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gages.jpg (61440 bytes)Precision gages made to the highest degree of accuracy from the finest materials available. Following is a list of gages available: ~standard and special thread rings ~standard and special thread plugs, taperlock, tri-lock, and reversible ~standard and special setting plugs ~standard and special metric rings and plugs ~pipe thread gages, plugs, and rings. Certification of gages furnished upon request in either short or long forms. Short forms certify compliance to class of fit and are of no charge. Long forms certify compliance to actual size and require a nominal charge.


  1. type of gage(s): thread plug, thread ring, set plug, plain plug, plain ring
  2. nominal thread size, thread series, class of fit, and right or left hand piece part (if plain gage, then specify go and no-go diameters and class XX, X, Y, or Z)
  3. go and no-go pitch diameters of special thread gages - plugs or rings
  4. special markings, if applicable
  5. quantity

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